BIN515 - Structural Bioinformatics (Thursdays, 9:40-12:30)

The course is an introduction to structural bioinformatics. Additionally, advanced techniques used in structural bioinformatics will be covered. In the scope of this course, students will learn to analyze, classify, simulate, predict and visualize biological molecules, mainly proteins. We cover the fundamentals of protein structures, structure determination techniques, molecular dynamics simulations, molecular docking and techniques to predict the protein interaction in atomic resolution.

The course objective is to provide fundamentals of structural bioinformatics and computational techniques to analyze molecular structures.

BIN503 - Biological Databases and Data Analysis Tools (Tuesdays, 9:40-12:30)

Spring 2016 - BIN503 - Lecture Notes


Lecture Notes - Week I

Lecture Notes - Week II

This course provides an in-depth review of the publicly available software tools and biological databases. Different types of biological data will be introduced and techniques for organization of biological data will be discussed. Also, the course will cover extensive use of web- based bioinformatics environments for investigation and analysis of biological data.
At the end of this course, the student will

BIN500 - Programming for Informatics (Tuesdays, 13:40-16:30)

The course is an introduction to scientific computation and computer programming for graduate students with no prior programming background. Students will learn how to solve scientific problems with programming, how to write a complete program that gets inputs, perform computations and gives outputs by using loops, functions, and different data types. The course covers scientific problems from different areas to be solved with Python programs, which is a popular, general-purpose, open-source language and widely used in several areas of informatics in both industry and research fields.

The course objective is to provide first knowledge and basic skills of programming with Python.